Openning session

How to start a blog on my website is a tricky question. What for, to say what ? How to be original, interesting, and fulfil your high reading expectations ? Should I speak about the meaning of life, the essence of music and be myself doing it ?

Well, those questions got a little too complicated for my poor violist brain, and that’s why I choose to ignore them. I will just write few lines for pleasure, and without pressure !

So, it’s good to start about me, I suppose. You might have already read my biography (sadly the current only other page in English on this website), so you know many things about my musical life. I currently live in Berlin, where I moved in last September. I have to say I was a little sceptical about this city at first. It is known to be so cold in winter, and quite hässlig, like German people say (I should not start speaking about German language, because this would by itself take the appropriate size of a couple blog posts). Furthermore, German discipline and rigour is in our outrageously preconceived ideas not supposed to be matching very well with the light-hearted French spirit. Of course, preconceived ideas have to be false ; even if Berlin is indeed freezing during winter and not as charming as an old renaissance city, I experienced worse in Boston a year ago. The city is incredibly welcoming, warm-hearted and nice. It had never been as cheap to live somewhere, and in my neighbourhood people speak more English than German. The city is actually extremely cosmopolitan, never makes you feel like a stranger ; people trust, and circles (of friends, of musicians and business relations) are very opened. And the city is wide, so wide. There is so much space. Sidewalks are so huge that pedestrians share them with bikes (the incredible fact is that I became myself a biker since I moved here), and opened spaces are simply huge. Just give a look at the size of Tempelhofer Park (where there is absolutely nothing), Tiergarten, or all the fallow areas around the main station…
Now summer came, it is really a pleasure to live here, and I start being able to imagine spending more than a couple of years here. That must be the Deutsche Lebensqualität.

Of course, living here is the chance to be in today’s most attractive city in the world for a musician, with countless fantastic orchestras, as well as countless amazing musicians, and the most wonderful venue that Philharmonie is. There are so many things going on, so many events happening that I have no idea why I am writing here now instead of enjoying them.

Well, actually, I know. Yesterday was the last concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker saison for me, so today is exactly the moment when summer starts. This is probably the most exiting time of the year, with only chamber music, nice festivals, and beautiful travels ! I will fly first on Sunday  22nd to Norway, to play a festival with my string quartet, before going to my home city in Basque Country, and then Munich, Italy, Gérardmer, and some other places. I will try to write a little when I travel, or when I stay here in Berlin, if I find not-too-original and not-too-interesting topics, which are nevertheless still entertaining a little like today’s one.